Pivo 360° Hands-Free Photos or Videos to Capture Active Lifestyles Silver (SS)

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Pivo Pod Silver 

  • LIKE A CAMERAMAN, BUT BETTER: Turn your iPhone or Android smartphone into your personal paparazzi – the interactive Pivo Pod Silver allows hands-free Face, Body, Horse and Action Tracking.
  • COVER EVERY ANGLE: Wherever you go, Pivo Pod Silver follows to capture every expression and move. Video call and live stream while you move - Pivo Pod Silver auto-rotates a full 360° in just 4 seconds.
  • PRECISE CONTROL: Every Pivo Pod Silver comes with a remote control, plus Smart Capture modes allow you to take pictures and videos with voice command, the snap of a finger, or just striking a pose.
  • EASY SPECIAL EFFECTS: Create like a pro – with the Pivo Pod App for iPhone and Android you can create GIFs, cinemographs, 360° Motion Time lapses, Tiny Planets or Panoramas – no editing skills needed.
  • PERFECTLY PORTABLE: Take your pocket-sized Pivo Pod Silver anywhere, and record every moment with extendable stabilizer feet and compatibility with standard ¼” camera stands.