Petwant Automatic Pet Feeder with Video Monitoring and Smart App Cats/Dogs

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Automatic Pet Feeder

  • ATTENTION: only suitable for dry food and the food size should be within 0.2-0.59 inch. Up to 4 meals a day ,each meal dispense from 1-10 Portions, Each Portion is 24ml, Simply Pick Your Portion Size & Unit Dispenses Dry Meals. APP can also choose manual feeding.
  • Support up to 32GB memory card (not included). Runs on 3 D Batteries or DC Power Cable to Outlet.
  • Attention :Only support 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network, please reset your router to 2.4GHz if you are using a 5GHz Wi-Fi network and reset your mobile device's network. Compatible with IOS above 7.5 or Android above 4.0. So you could use it with your iPhone/itouch/iPad or other smart devices.
  • Control your pet's feeding from your smartphone and share on Facebook Twitter timely. .Never miss any fun playing time and keep your dog eat well when you are out. TIPS: You could search for ''how to connect gempet feeder ''on YouTube for helping you set up the feeder. Tips: we recommend that 3* D size alkaline batteries put into the item in case that stop work while power failure happens. (The batteries do consume a little even the DC adapter is plugged in.)