Outdoor Instant Pop Up Tent 4-6 People Waterproof Camping Hiking Travel Tent(SS)

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Pop Up Tent

  • Double Layered Design

    • Our camping tents specially designed with double layers, the inner layer and outer layer connected by hooks. Condensation is virtually ruled out as our tents' double-layered design.

    Windows on Each Side

    • Allow for maximum ventilation of the tent's interior, keeping hot, stagnate air from being trapped inside.

    2 (Layered) Front Doors

    • The inner door acts as a screen door, which can remain closed while still allowing airflow.
    • The outer door is made to roll up and clip at the top of the screen door.
    • Or there are a few poles that come with the tent to attach to the outer door which provides a little shade in the entrance of the tent.


    • The rear-hooded vent is present to assist in ventilation.