HDMI to HDMI -2m Male to Male Cable -SYNCWIRE 4K Ultra High Speed 18Gbps Lead(E)

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HDMI 2.0 to HDMI 2.0 Cable

Dynamically synchronized video and audio streams:

Synwire HDMI cable can transmit two video streams (dual view) at once and up to four audio streams all at the same time. More often, Syncwire HDMI cables support up to 32 audio channels and up to 1536 kHz total audio.

High quality sound, pictures and Ethernet in 1 Cable

  • Polished gold-plated connectors ensure reliability and eliminate signal loss and noise possible.
  • Added corrosion resistance, you can look forward to years of superb sound and pictures.
  • Advanced special PVC outer and shield also prevent external interference, helps maintain the integrity and purity of digital signals.
  • Syncwire High-Speed HDMI 2.0 cable significantly extends bandwidth of up to 18 Gbps. You can also make internet connections between multiple devices. Enjoy HD video and digital audio combined into one cable with the Ethernet-ready High-Speed HDMI Cable from Syncwrie.