Eastar Bb Tenor Trombone in Gold Lacquer, Hard Case, Cleaning Kit, Mouthpiece

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Student Trombone Complete Set 

  • 【High-quality Timbre】Eastar Trombone ETB-330 has a bright and penetrating sound with accurate tone, which makes it a perfect trombone for kids, students and beginners.
  • 【Beautiful Appearance】Eastar trombone is produced by thickened lacquering process, so the colour of its whole body is clean, uniform and consistent. The tone is accurate and bright, thanks to the well-made trombone body giving out a stable reflection of the sound vibration. The paint can last for a long time with careful maintenance.
  • 【Practical process】Eastar trombone ETB-330 is more wear-resistant and harder than normal non-plated or nickel-plated trombone. Eastar trombone inner tube has two layers of coating, the outermost layer is plated with metal chromium. After finished, all trombones will be ultrasonic cleaned 3 times, with oil maintenance covered up the inner tube. Eastar trombone ETB-330 has 13.4mm/0.528inch diameter & 206mm/8.11inch horn mouth, so there's more stable vibration and stronger penetration.
  • 【Utility accessories】Eastar trombone ETB-330 cleaning kit will be a good helper for players to keep the trombone fresh and clean. The brushes and cleaning rod can help clean dirt, and lubricating oil and telescopic oil can help prevent rust in the inner tube. The trombone shoulder pad protects the trombone from wearing off the player's shoulder.