Aquarium Tropical / Marine Fish Tank - Submersible Adjustable Temp Water Heater

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  • Explosion Proof: 2mm thickened quartz glass, 33% thicker than normal aquarium heaters, much safer for both human and animals.
  • Over-Heat Protection: After set the temp you want, automatic switch device and temperature detection system, water heater will turn off automatically when its temp reaches your pre-set, also will turn on when lower than your set, relieved and simple operation.
  • Accurate Temperature Control: Adjustable heater from 61°F to 90°F (16°C - 32°C). A good temperature range for most fishes is 76°F to 80°F (25- 27°C). An additional stick-on thermometer as a bonus to detect water temp at any time.
  • Dimension: 50W adopt 8-slot multi-branched heating wire ceramic frame, better heat dissipation, 7.8 x 1 x 1 inch, saving more space for your fish.
  • Accessories and Warranty: An stick-on thermometer, three suction cups. Offer 12 months warranty and quick after-sales reply within 1-8 hours to answer your doubts or serve you.