2 Pairs Of Anit Crease Shoe Protectors - Size 7-12 (MENS)

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  • PREVENT SHOES CREASE- Anyone looking to prevent creases in their shoes will love these crease preventing plastic shoe shields. Simply place in shoe and enjoy the new look of your shoes. Shoe shields will extend the lifespan and improve the appearance of your sneakers.
  • FITS WELL- 1/2 larger than true foot size for better fit; With auxiliary cutting lines, the anti-wrinkle shoe crease protector can be trimmed; Even not worn for a long time, it is recommended that you place the anti-wrinkle shoe crease protector inside the shoes for support protection.
  • Made of high quality PE and TPR to ensure a strong hardness with auxiliary cutting lines, Adjust them according to your needs for completely suitable.
  • BREATHABLE DESIGN-The perforated design keeps the inside of the shoe dry, avoids sultry and humid, and has good applicability and aesthetics.